Toro Time Cutter SS Zero Turn Recycler Mulching Kit (54″) #131-4185

Always thought that mowers are difficult to use? Toro Time Cutter SS Zero Turn Kit makes grass cutting and mowing easy! You can also produce fertilizer on your own with this mulching kit and do gardening and mowing in a more effortless way. The kit is designed for beginners as well as experts to use their skill of gardening and get better at working in their gardens.

Main Features

  • Toro Time Cutter SS Zero Turn Kit has a length of 54 inch.
  • It consists of blades and kickers that really assist in adding to the quality of the grass.
  • It has a patented system by TORO which cuts grass clippings 6-8 times.
  • Installation will be needed to add it to the Toro system.
  • The kit also contains bafflers and other hardware tools required to fit it easily on to the system.


  • This mulching kit by Toro Time Cutter is of 54 inch and you can get it installed with the Toro system mower to begin making fertilizer.
  • The structure given to this mulching kit helps in mowing the grass 6-8 times in order to make it finer.
  • The mulching helps in turning the grass last longer for an entire season with its smooth texture.
  • The reason behind the finer grass clippings are actually the kickers that are added to this kit which help in cutting the grass with their super sharp blades.

Tips for easy handling

  • While installing the kit to your system, you have to ensure that the specifications of the kit and its features appropriately match the one given for your Toro system.
  • The installation guide should be properly read before adding the kit to the Zero turning mowers.

Price considerations

This great mulching kit can be found on Amazon at just $199.95 and this price can be termed as economical with the functions that come along with the kit. You can also browse through other shopping websites to find this kit at lesser prices but make sure to see the warranty period and quality because that can be tricky. The overall pros of this mulching kit are amazing and make it a great one to add to your gardening equipment and will surely help you to turn your garden into a fine one!

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